July 29, 2016

The Package

Time for Business is a Business Studies package for the new Junior Cycle. It covers the specified Strands, Learning Outcomes and Key Skills.


Student Textbook

  • A new and comprehensive text for Junior Cycle Business
  • Clearly stated, student-friendly Learning Outcomes for each chapter based on the statements of learning in the specification
  • Student-friendly language level (SMOG tested)
  • Bright, student-friendly design with a large number of full-colour illustrations/photos to support student understanding
  • Icons provide clear identifiers for activities that develop students’ Junior Cycle Key Skills, including opportunities for the development of the key skills of numeracy and literacy
  • Student activities allow for consolidation of learning and provide opportunities for further research and investigation
  • A list of key terms for each chapter to assist literacy and revision
  • Worked examples that link the study of business to students’ everyday life.


Time for Business Student Activity Book

  • Anticipation guide for each chapter to assess students’ prior knowledge
  • Student self-assessment for each chapter to promote self-reflection and metacognition
  • Key terms crosswords and matching exercises
  • Key questions with a range of higher and lower-order questions
  • Chapter-specific templates, e.g. Profiling an Entrepreneur, Loan Application Form,Payslip
  • Mind Map exercises


Teacher’s Resource Book

  • A concise, clear overview of the new Junior Cycle Business Studies specification
  • A comprehensive introduction to the Time for Business package including yearly schemes of work for the three-year cycle together with an overview of each chapter in the textbook
  • Learning Outcomes, Key Skills and Statements of Learning are linked to relevant content in the textbook
  • Provides suggested solutions to activities in textbook and student activity book
  • Includes photocopiable templates for teachers and suggestions for additional activities
  • Suggests website resources for use with the text
  • Time for Business PowerPoints are also available for teachers and linked to the e-book. Click here to download a sample.


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