July 29, 2016

The Package

An updated edition of the market-leading Time for Business text for the new Junior Cycle, written by a team of highly experienced teachers – Joe Stafford, Siobhan O’Sullivan, Ultan Henry and James Cumiskey.

This second edition of Time for Business is closely aligned to the requirements of the Junior Cycle Business Studies specification. It reflects the first Junior Cycle Exam 2019 and delivers streamlined and updated content based on teacher and market feedback.


Student Textbook

  • A revised edition of the market-leading and highly successful Time for Business text that is closely aligned to the requirements of the new Junior Cycle Business Studies specification
  • Closely aligned to the requirements of the new Junior Cycle Business Studies specification
  • Colourful, visually attractive and vibrant layout
  • Updated to include more relevant images with clearer textboxes and panels
  • Contains 40 chapters covering all 37 Business Studies learning outcomes (LOs)
  • Up-to-date content including ‘In the news’ and ‘Enterprise in action’ sections
  • Links to other learning outcomes and key skills are clearly highlighted
  • Includes exam-style assessment questions throughout
  • ‘Did you know?’ section and other sections updated using new examples, visuals, statistics and student-friendly language
  • Activities are mapped to the development of key skills and are designed to suit the common level specification
  • A range of activities appear throughout the chapter to promote active student engagement
  • Focus on key skills development with emphasis on those required for CBAs
  • Includes a comprehensive guide to all aspects of assessment


Student Activity Book

  • Provides a range of additional activities to complement the textbook content
  • Contains templates and formats that reflect the exam providing students with opportunities to practice
  • Encourages active learning, self-assessment, reflection and revision
  • Features a unique revision method to help students to recall information and prepare for exams
  • Includes support for CBA preparation


Teacher’s Resource Book


Time for Business Teacher’s Resource Book provides all the support you need to teach the course, including:

  • Comprehensive planning guidelines
  • Unit of Learning planning templates
  • Scheme of work templates
  • Suggestions for ongoing assessment
  • Guide to assessment
  • Suggested key learning, tips and teaching approaches for each chapter
  • Solutions for all textbook and activity book questions, including full accounts solutions, available in both hard copy and digital formats
  • Photocopiables


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